Software Testing

  • Syllabus for Manual Testing
    1. Basics of Manual testing (black and white box testing)
    2. Testing software life cycle (v model)
    3. Various Static Techniques
    4. Different techniques to test the software
    5. Different Test management Techniques
    6. Various other types of testing
    7. Quality center
  • How to add test cases
  • How to run a test cases
  • How to plan test cases
  • Syllabus for Automation testing
    1. Fundamentals of Automation Testing
    2. How to design and execute automation testing
    3. Brief explanation about software development life cycle
    4. Explanation about Automation testing architecture
    5. Various other types of test automation testing (Management, Functional, waterfall method etc)
    6. Various Script methods
    7. How to test a database using SQL